I Can’t Lose (ft Brianna Colette)

I Can’t Lose (ft Brianna Colette)

Band :
Title : I Can't Lose (ft Brianna Colette)
Release Date : December 5, 2017
Label : ,
Catalog ref. : E65920
Format : CD


Ello Bio:
New York City 1997 Dance Music was evolving with blooming of the Techno, Trance, and House. A teenaged music lover, Ello found his calling but not as a party goer, he was drawn to the DJ providing the magic of bringing a room of Ravers together with beats and melodies. Ello promptly made the move to the DJ booth and rapidly grew as a DJ, spinning in the New Your underground scene eventually finding himself providing the musical magic as a young residence with notable legendary tri-state area venues such as “Limelight”, to “Tunnel”.

The passion of sharing musical moments playing packed rooms, the thumping chest pounding hard sounds, with the emotional knowledge that he and everyone in the room had stepped out of reality, stepped out of there bad relationships for a time of sharing a world in pursuit of healing music, led to Ello’s continued determination for a lifelong mission to continue to bring this experience to many more.

Keeping with his strong passion, Ello has pulled from his inspiration and roots in electronic music and turned to the studio where he has been producing fitting original songs, slated for a full force realize timeline for 2018. Ello has created a hybrid sound, drawing form Trance music of the late 90’s with current progressive influences of today’s Electro bridging the past to the present.

As the music of Ello evolves, the passion and devotion to creating the space of unity and bliss will continue. Ello will soon be launching a global vibe with his upcoming mix-shows and festival touring, leaving his passion for music to all his listeners.